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P25 Compliant Systems for Mission Critical Communication

Whether it is a scheduled event or an unexpected disaster, ASTRO  25 radio systems connect you to all your resources, internal and external, delivering the information you need to coordinate a safe and effective response.  

Renown for resiliency under extreme situations, ASTRO  25 systems can provide you the foundation for reliable communication today while preparing you for tomorrow. Because it is a modern IP platform defined largely by software, you gain the agility to expand and manage your system to meet your organization's growing needs. Easily add capacity and enhance functionality with easy software updates.

Expand beyond voice to include critical data communication. Quickly connect with others via P25 compliant interoperability.  Protect your voice and data information to comply with industry security requirements. And know that when your personnel need it most, their radio will always be a relied upon lifeline they can count on.


Whether you need a single site or statewide coverage, ASTRO 25 systems have scalability and P25-compliance you need. Because they are software-defined, ASTRO 25 systems have the flexibility to add features and capabilities with simple software updates when you need them. Available in more configurations with more capabilities, trust ASTRO 25 system to deliver your next mission critical call.

  • The ASTRO 25 M Core is available in a single zone standard and single zone or multi-zone fully redundant configurations. Powerful servers combine with Motorola’s proven software to provide an adaptable and affordable platform for mission critical standards-based Project 25 (P25) communication systems. The scalable and virtualized ASTRO 25 M Core is the most flexible P25 Core that can manage conventional, trunked, Integrated Data, Enhanced Data, SmartX sites and HPD in one configuration.
  • The ASTRO 25 L Core is available in a single zone, standard and fully redundant configurations. This software-defined platform combines powerful servers with Motorola’s proven software to provide a flexible and affordable platform for standards-compliant Project 25 (P25) trunked communication systems.
  • The ASTRO 25 K Core is available in standard and fully redundant configurations. Built to support the Project 25 (P25) Conventional operation, the ASTRO® 25 K Core offers an adaptable and affordable platform for mission critical communications. With a K Core, you manage and secure your entire communication system from one centralized location. This minimizes your costs to install software updates, fine tune performance and protect your information.
  • ASTRO 25 Express is a cost effective, single site P25 voice system rapidly delivered and deployed with the capability to grow within the ASTRO 25 portfolio as your needs change. Connect to an ASTRO 25 core when you want to add sites, data, IP consoles and other features.


Compliant to Project 25 (P25) standards, ASTRO 25 portfolio of site equipment is built to maximize channel up-time, simplify system technology refresh, enable smaller, more efficient site design and minimize the cost of ownership.

ASTRO 25 G-Series equipment is designed so that many upgrades, migrations and conversions can be completed with only software installations, which means you can quickly add new features to your existing system with a simple software download.


The Project 25 (P25) Compliance Assessment Program has been developed to address public safety customers' need for interoperable communications and multi-vendor sourcing. For an updated list of the Project 25 Compliance Assessment, Suppliers Declaration of Compliance documents and Summary Test Reports for Motorola product.


Improve efficiency and prepare for the unexpected with your existing hardware and radio frequencies. P25 Phase 2 compliant, ASTRO 25 TDMA can double your communication capacity and help you prepare for upticks in demand brought about unexpected events.


As threats become more complex and span wider areas, your need for instant multi-jurisdictional collaboration has never been greater. With ASTRO 25 ISSI, you can extend your communication and collaboration across interoperable P25 systems, regardless of manufacturer or frequency, while you maintain full autonomy and control over your system, talkgroups and radio IDs. Extend your voice and data communication over wider areas, and stay in contact with resources back home while you roam with ASTRO 25 ISSI.


Protect your voice and data communications with proactive threat detection, real-time response and correction. With access to greater information, interconnecting voice and data systems brings the advantages of improved productivity and increased collaboration; and an increased risk from cyber-criminals looking to do harm to your organization. ASTRO®  25 security is designed to counter security threats associated with mission critical communications.


In order to maximize operational readiness, you need the tools that make it possible to meet your communication management needs and ensure the safety of responders in the field. With ASTRO 25 Operational Assurance, you have a diverse set of tools to monitor and manage your equipment, empower your personnel to make better decisions in the field and streamline collaboration for better incident management.


With backups to backups, geo-redundancy and multiple levels of fallback, ASTRO 25 systems are built to maintain communications under extreme conditions. Tailor your system resiliency to fit your requirements for voice and data communication.


Today’s public safety agency needs more than just voice communication to get the job done. Data information can be just as important as voice for efficiency and safety of your personnel. ASTRO 25 Data is designed to carry some of your most critical data traffic. And because voice and data coexists, you can count on the same coverage, reliability, security and trust you’ve come to appreciate with your ASTRO 25 voice system.