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NorcomCT is a certified Motorola Value Added Reseller (VAR) with superior experience in Integration and Service of Motorola Fixed Data Products including the new generation of ACE3600 SCADA equipment. We can provide turnkey solutions for complete fresh water and waste water system implementation or help you enhance the performance of your current SCADA systems.

Motorola ACE3600 SCADA System Advantages

Motorola’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems provide highly reliable communication and control to enhance productivity and efficiency. The modular ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is expandable to meet your growing needs as the next generation MOSCAD RTU.

Motorola’s broad-based design, manufacturing and engineering capabilities gives the ACE3600 the distinct advantage of having the radio, CPU, I/O modules and power system all under the single Motorola label with the accompanying world class quality control and tested, factory integrated performance.

ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

ACE3600 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)The ACE3600 is a powerful RTU in Motorola’s family of SCADA products. The ACE3600 RTU combines the local processing of a PLC with the superior communications of an RTU for an all-in-one high-performance unit. It allows seamless integration with multiple PLCs, RTUs, and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED).

Motorola's RTUs are used extensively in the monitoring and control of wastewater and freshwater systems. The flexibility of the Motorola Data Link Communications (MDLC) protocol and the intelligence of the RTU allows complex local control and analysis of a PLC to be combined with the extremely reliable radio communications properties that the MDLC protocol provides. This protocol allows extensive and dynamic communications between RTUs, ideal for the control of pump stations based on tank level and other changing conditions.

Communications for the ACE3600 is primarily designed and engineered for use with an LMR radio. Other communications options are also available such as TCP/IP and RS232/485. The ACE3600 includes over-the-air diagnostics and ease in maintenance of the system utilizing the Software Tool Suite application. A powerful processor combined with versatile input/output modules allows this RTU to be used for the most demanding SCADA applications. This modular RTU can be expanded with multiple, simultaneously operating communication ports in a range of industry protocols. The communication capability is specifically designed to support secure communications over diverse networks.

Both the Motorola ACE3600 and the former generation MOSCAD and MOSCAD-L RTU’s utilize innovative design, control, and data communication features. They facilitate integrated SCADA solutions tailored to applications in fresh and waste water systems, electric utilities, telecommunications, public safety, transportation, and other industries.

Advantages of an ACE3600 SCADA system:

  • Real-time information on field conditions
  • Immediate indication of problems and status changes
  • High reliability as compared to other SCADA technologies
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Efficient use of employ time because of remote monitoring
  • Operator Interface (OI) on RTU for set point adjustment and to view status
  • Remote site “man down”/loaner worker emergency alarm functionality

ACE3600 SCADA systemNorcomCT Provides:

  • Pre-Sale Engineering Support
  • Sales and Post-Sale Support
  • System Integration
  • Training
  • Service Agreements
  • Technical Support
  • Warranty Repair
  • Non-Warranty Repair


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